PDF Vinyl Cutting or Lasering Downloads

3percentdoubleline.jpgReaper Firearms is listing over 200 PDF format hairline red lined images and emblems for sale on this site. These images have been used by our shop for the last 5 years in creating a variety of Cerakote, KG Gunkote, Duracoat, and Laser engraved custom items. Many were gathered from training classes, partnerships with other shops, or created by our own artists in house. Most are very simple designs commonly used by shops across the USA. Some are internal creations that can be very complex. Complex designs are usually laser etched onto custom items, but all can be vinyl cut (depending on the settings of your vinyl cutter). These files are of various sizes, but can be resized by anyone with CorelDraw or Adobe to the sizes needed. Standard is 8-1/2" X 11" for patterns or designs and 3" X 3" for emblems or small characters. If you ordered a file and want it sized to specific dimensions, just email us a info@reaperfirearms.com. We will resize it  and email you the associated PDF file. 

 We keep all our designs in PNG and PDF formats, but can provide almost any format required. If you need a format other than the PDF's listed on this website, send us an email with the format required. We'll be back in touch as quickly as possible. 

Yes, we know our Reaper logo is in the way of a clear view of the images. But, it is a requirement to prevent people from copying images from our site. While many are common images, many were custom made and edited in house. As such, we intend to make them hard to copy for free.