Rifle Size

Rifle size Contains 4 sheets 7″x11″

Please note: We do not weed these stencils. Each stencil can be used as a positive or negative image.  

We use Avery Dennison 100-235-S High Bake Vinyl. Oracal 631 can be supplied upon request. The Avery Vinyl is 3.2 mil thick rated to 200°F,

while the Oracal is 3.0 mil thick and rated to 170°F. The Avery Dennison is used on mainly flat surfaces while we use the Oracal 631 for items with lots of curves, cracks, or crevises. From our experience, the Oracal 631 will start to buckle over 170°F. We normally set the pattern at 170°F for about 5-15 minutes (depending on the material you are curing), remove the Oracal 631, then finish curing any patterns at the higher temperatures required.  

Avery Dennison 100-235-S High Bake Yellow Paint Mask Stencil

Avery Dennison provides economical and high-performing options in paint mask films designed for the recreational vehicle, bus, train and marine manufacturing industries. Avery Dennison® SF 100 Series Paint Masks are flexible calendered vinyl with removable adhesive, which will cleanly remove from most OEM surfaces up to 1 year, when removed promptly after painting and curing cycles. SF 100-235-S can be used for high temperature bake cycles up to 200°F.


Common Applications: